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Flash Fiction Reprint: Jolene McIlwain's "Seed to Full"

Flash Fiction Reprint of Jolene McIlwain’s “Seed To Full”: “After you’ve felled the tree and dragged it from the site and hauled it to the mill, one of the first things you do is scale it, measure to find out how many board foot it can yield.” (continue reading)

Flash Fiction Reprint: Susan Rukeyser's "His Venus"

Flash Fiction Reprint from Susan Rukeyser’s “His Venus”: A year ago, Dana was fat in a fertility-fetish sort of way. (continue reading)

Craft: Backstory Without the Whole Story

Backstory can be a tricky subject when writing short stories, especially in the realm of fantasy. (continue reading)

Flash Craft: A Critical Reading of Denis Johnson's "Car Crash While Hitchhiking"

I intend to examine the relationship between dialogue and subtext, providing specific examples from “Car Crash While Hitchhiking,” as well as broadening the discussion to include techniques writers can use to improve this relationship between dialogue and subtext in their own stories. (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Jon Sindell's "Dhoti"

Flash fiction reprint from Jon Sindell: “Dad’s eightieth birthday was a costume party. I was Maria Von Trap…” (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Anne Weisgerber's "Upfurler"

Flash Fiction Reprint from Anne Weisgerber: “Nobody understood this could be a thing, until they saw jumpers at a certain height, five hundred eleven feet, tumble upward.” (continue reading)

Flash Reprint: Jeanne Althouse's "Uncle Seth"

Flash Fiction Reprint from Jeanne Althouse: “‘Uncle Seth’ was inspired by an old family letter.” (continue reading)

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