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Flash Interview: Claudia Smith Chen

There are so many definitions out there. What distinguishes a flash fiction from, say, a prose poem? I don’t think there is any one answer but the discussion is an interesting one. (continue reading)

Tasha's Tips for The Aspiring Writer: Read Widely

I’m convinced that through reading widely we internalize the architecture of how stories are told. We subconsciously sense when a good story is being told to us, and the opposite is also true: we understand when a story is not being told well. (continue reading)

Flash Fiction Meme: Disaster Girl!

Disaster Girl! (continue reading)

Tasha's Tips for The Aspiring Writer: Write in Other Genres

I can’t help but feel that writing fiction and nonfiction has made me a more well-rounded writer. (continue reading)

Weekend Flash Fiction Meme: Hipster Kitty

Hipster Flash Fiction Kitty! (continue reading)

What Writers Can Learn From Claudia Smith Chen's "Window"

As a writer, I’m drawn to flash fiction and short-short stories that pack a raw, emotionally charged punch. In this piece, I am in awe of how Chen utilizes descriptive details, action, and movement—plus other literary devices—to produce a powerful, complete story in less than 150 words. In this article, I discuss the techniques I admire. (continue reading)

Saturday Flash Fiction Meme: Most Interesting

The Most Interesting Flash Meme. (continue reading)

About Flashfiction: FlashFiction.Net has a singular mission: to prepare writers, readers, editors, and fans for the imminent rise to power of that machine of compression, that hugest of things in the tiniest of spaces: flash freakin fiction! Read more

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Written by Matter Press's founder and managing editor Randall Brown, A Pocket Guide to Flash Fiction [ISBN: 0983792852} provides NOT the way to write flash fiction, but SOME ways to make your writing flash! Contents include the following:

  • What is Flash
  • Flash Craft
  • Flash in a Single Scene
  • Flash in a Series of Scenes
  • Monomythic Flash
  • Episodic Flash
  • Counterpointed Flash
  • Defamiliarized Flash
  • Revision
  • Prose Poemy Flash

 The Pocket Guide also includes articles and flashes from various writers including Pamela Painter, Quinn Dalton, Dan Holt, Pen Campbell, Brady Udall, Sean Lovelace, Myfanwy Collins, Kathy Fish, Carol Guess, and Jeff Landon.

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